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The target groups are children with special needs, faced with difficulties of self-esteem and integration into society. They often have difficulties discovering their creativity, integrating into the labor market and getting income. Our platforms’ main inputs are going to be made by children and youth. Created art/ designs will disclose artistic potential and promote a generation of income by selling digitalized masterpieces globally. We are planning to offer a product line of the digitalized version of children/youth creative pieces of art, postcard service, mood slide shows etc. Profits will be re-invested in the development of services, planairs, excursions, art therapy sessions for those children, and in the improvement of the social environment.

Description/Summary in English

Children with special needs have fewer opportunities to express themselves. They have a lower level of confidence, and, unfortunately, in this case, paradigms of society plays an important role. We strongly believe that art can be as an opportunity to change the current situation.

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06 September
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